About Calm Consult Uganda

Organizations and businesses experience different situations along their growth curve and each of these requires unique interventions. In some situations, these normally require massive organizational change which can best be provided by industry experts who can provide specialized solutions for such challenges. CALM CONSULT LTD was established and incorporated by the registrar of companies in 2016. It has a strong foundation in organizational design, development and in identifying the right candidates for organizations/specific role profiles using competency-based recruitment systems and psychometric assessments. Other services offered include but are not limited to designing and delivering appropriate training programs for organizations and groups of individuals, research in various fields of study, organization review, reorganization and restructuring, Employee Management Policies and Procedures, Salary reviews and structuring for better productivity, developing managers and building cultures that promote accountability for results, psychological services such as professional counselling and guidance services for individuals, groups and many other solutions. We have worked with clients from various industries in the private and corporate sectors. AT CALM CONSULT LTD, we adopt a holistic approach to life and business by focusing on both the organization and the individual. We believe that organizations can be better managed when individuals are at peace with themselves, their families and their environment through provisional of professional counselling and guidance(psychological services) Counselling helps people to uncover their true potential and lead a life that is worth celebrating. While counselling can’t change difficult situations of the past, it helps people to better understand and resolve challenges in their lives. By applying complementary therapy approaches and techniques, counselling helps to unearth long-standing behaviour patterns or negative perceptions that may be holding a person back from experiencing a more fulfilling and meaningful life. Additionally, the firm has a strategic partnership with the School of Psychology Makerere University specifically the centre for psychological services. This partnership provides a strong synergy between different professionals who provide a unique mechanism where innovation and ideas are birthed and tested with the other members of the team in practice. The aforementioned capability of the CALM CONSULT team with a rich history and experience in a wide range of managing HR functions and provision of professional psychological services makes them a great team to reckon with.

We make it easy for our foreign based clients to access all business support services and HR solutions in one place.

All of our services can be tailored to fit your unique business needs.

Fully-customized premium business support services and reliable HR solutions.

All of our customer service teams are trained to not only provide solutions, but to fully anticipate your needs.

Connect and grow your business with our strong pan-African network.

We are fully certified

Certificate of Incorporation: 232047

PPDA Certificate of Registration: PRV/SRVCS/16023/JUN/17

Trade License Certificate: COIN: 0012398929

Tin 1010404266

Who we serve

Our customized Business Support Services and HR solutions target any organization or individuals that have an interest to operate in Africa either for short or long term without having a need for physical presence. These organizations include;

  • Multi-national companies
  • International Development agencies
  • International NGOs
  • International philanthropy and relief agencies
  • Diaspora community
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