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Research Design is simply the skill of shaping the research so that a research problem is efficiently handled. It is the conceptual blueprint within which research is conducted. At Calm Consult, our research design is intended to provide an appropriate framework for a study. Our kinds of research design include the following;

Experimental research design

At Calm Consult, we use this to establish a relationship between the cause and effect of a case under our research study. It is the most practical research design we do because it contributes to solving the problem at hand.

Descriptive research design

At Calm Consult, we are merely interested in describing the case under our research study. The research is entirely theoretical-we gather, analyse and present the collected data. We also comprehend the why and how of the research.

Surveys research design

Here, Calm Consult inclines towards evaluating the root cause of a specific topic. We consider elements that contribute towards a troublesome situation in this research design.

Correlational research design

This is a non-experimental research design that we use to establish a relationship between two closely connected variables. We use two groups to conduct this research design method. We never assume while evaluating a relationship between two different variables and statistical analysis techniques are used to calculate the relationship between them.

Review research design

Here, we explain all unexplored aspects of a subject provided along with details about what, how and why relating to the research questions.

At Calm Consult, we also classify research design into quantitative and qualitative research design and our main sections of research design include; Data collection, measurement and Analysis.

In conclusion, we do research design to provide a solid base for the whole research. It gives us a smooth working of the many research operations. And so the research is made as effective as possible by providing maximum information with minimum spending of effort, money and time.

Reliable: If we research regularly, we expect similar results to be calculated every time. Our research design also indicates how the research questions can be formed to ensure the standard of obtained results.

Neutral: The results forecasted in our research design are always free from bias and neutral.

Valid: The questionnaire developed from our research design is valid because we use valid measuring tools which help us in gauging results according to the objective of research and nothing else.

General: Generalising our research design has been our key characteristic. We ensure that the outcome of the research design applies to a population and not just a restricted sample.

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Our customized Business Support Services and HR solutions target any organization or individuals that have an interest to operate in Africa either for short or long term without having a need for physical presence. These organizations include;

  • Multi-national companies
  • International Development agencies
  • International NGOs
  • International philanthropy and relief agencies
  • Diaspora community
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